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"I greatly admire (Tony's) decision-making skills and thoughtful approach when implementing new solutions"

Dana S. - Hilton

"(Tony) is uniquely qualified to oversee an entire digital department"

Mark W. - Spectrum Reach

"(Tony's) intellectual curiosity and willingness to try emerging strategies.. made him an asset to be reckoned with"

Brandon H. - Mobile Campus

I'm a marketing strategist and leader with over 14 years of experience leading digital and traditional marketing efforts at agencies, brands, and media companies.  As a leader I practice "Mindful Collaboration" with my teams and cross-functional partners to deliver exceptional performance against SMART goals. 

Marketing Strategy  Digital Marketing
Campaign Management 

Content Strategy and Development  

Brand Marketing

Digital Analytics    Media Planning 

Hospitality Marketing Sports Marketing

Computer with Graph

I can build teams and strategies from scratch, or operate and optimize existing ones

I have built strategies, teams, and processes from scratch in my career at angel, and venture capital backed start-ups, and I have led marketing strategies for well established Fortune 500 brands.


My approach is always the same.  Establish strong working relationships that are built on trust, collegiality, and accountability with a focus on over-delivering against goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. 


My ideal organization embraces test and learn strategies, and encourages its marketing leaders to continually evolve and improve upon the organization's practices.

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