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What's all of this political stuff when I Google Tony Tsonis?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Well, where to begin? In March of 2020 my father passed away from COVID-19 and the same week I was furloughed (later laid off) from my position at Hilton.

As I, and my Hilton colleagues struggled to make sense of Florida's broken unemployment system I found myself taking on a leadership role. I organized my co-workers in a Slack group and began to source information from various sources including elected officials.

This work filled me with a terrific sense of purpose during an otherwise very difficult chapter in my life. (Washington Post article about my campaign)

It wasn't long before my Hilton colleagues began to suggest that I run for office.

I was very hesitant. I have always been interested in politics, and was a student politician at UCF but had never given it much serious consideration. After much contemplation and discussion with my family I jumped in with both feet.

I quickly organized a campaign staff comprised of friends and colleagues and set about the yeoman's work of running for office from scratch.

My team and I first analyzed the historical data. We determined what number of votes we would need in order to win and then we set out to gather and analyze the various disparate data sets the state and county provides. An analysis of those data sets yielded a target audience of voters. With a target audience, a singular objective and KPIs determined we developed a proposed strategy, and tactical plan to achieve that strategy.

With a strategy and tactical plan in hand we then tackled the considerable task of raising money in order to execute that plan. We also began staffing our campaign team with volunteer experts in social media, search engine marketing, SEO, and copy writing.

Twice each week I gathered my team as we took the pulse of our campaign and optimized our messaging, efforts, and spend to better achieve our target KPIs.

While we fell a bit short of winning the primary election we were successful none-the-less. Our campaign shined a very bright spotlight on issues that are of importance to all Floridians.

With the campaign complete I am now turning my full attention back to my marketing career. Or rather, I am turning my attention back to marketing products and services and not myself as a candidate.

To learn more about my career as a marketing leader and my professional interests you can download my resume from the header bar.

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